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Our Mission: The Democratic Party of Evanston is accountable to Democrats residing within the attendance areas of School Districts 65 and 202. Our purpose is to amplify the voices of those Democrats; elect progressive Democrats to local, state, and federal offices; and to promote progressive ideals and elected officials.

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Message from President Jordan

November 1st

It’s November, which means two things: it’s time to renew/join the DPOE, and help us stop Trump! 

We know that the Republicans and their dark money and special interest groups will out-spend us. So we need you this year more than ever. We must work together to defeat Trump, regain the Senate and hold the House. There is less than a year to make this happen. Make sure you can look back and feel that you put it all on the table. We can’t wake up November 4th wishing we did more. This is it. We must bring the power back to the people.

Speaking of defeating Trump, we are excited to announce our 2nd annual Progressive City Brunch: Impeachment 101. With Thursday’s Halloween vote behind them, party leaders are aiming to conclude public fact-finding hearings in the Intelligence Committee by around Thanksgiving. The Judiciary Committee would then have several weeks to draft and debate articles of impeachment before a possible House vote on impeachment before Christmas. Join us Sunday December 1st, 11am at Maggiano’s Old Orchard to hear Northwestern University constitutional law professor Andrew Koppelman break down the impeachment proceedings in real time.

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DPOE members and volunteers can participate by signing up for a phone bank or canvass, attending our meetings, and by joining a board committee or action group.

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We amplify the voices of Democrats; elect progressive Democrats to local, state, and federal offices; and promote progressive ideals and elected officials.

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By becoming a member of the Democratic Party of Evanston, you'll be investing in an independent and effective grassroots organization. Helping us continue to garner a national reputation for engaging supporters and delivering results.


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The Midwest Alliance of Progressives (MAP) is an initiative designed to identify, elect, and re-elect local, state, and national progressives through coordinated partnerships with other local Democratic parties in the region.

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