Volunteer to Make Calls to Voters

If you are passionate about stopping the Republican Party in its tracks, then calling voters is the most effective way to spend your volunteer hours without having to leave Evanston.

DPOE’s Top 5 Reasons to Make Calls to Voters

5. Talking to other voters is the most potent weapon we have to move people to action.
4. Making calls is something anyone can do.
3. Having conversations with other voters improves your mood and makes you feel good about taking concrete action.
2. Making calls helps candidates by reaching a large number of voters quickly and cleaning up voter lists.
1. We will not win in November unless we make calls.

Days Until The Election

We’ve got one chance at holding the House, taking back the Senate and removing Donald Trump.

Let’s not wake up on November 4th wishing we’d done more.

Join members of your community at the Democratic Party of Evanston as we make phone calls for progressive candidates here at home, across Illinois and the Midwest.