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2018 was a fantastic year for Democrats in Illinois, but there is more we can accomplish together. 2020 is coming fast, and we’ll have our work cut out for us to elect leaders at all levels of government who reflect our values. Throughout 2019 we will organize special election phone banks, organizer schools, provide a focus for local Democratic action on today’s issues and continue building programs that will affect races up and down the ticket all around the Midwest.

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As with many volunteer run non-for-profits our funding is a constantly moving target. Please contact the finance and development committee or media if you have any questions. Thank you for your support of this powerful and effective organization.

2019 Online Fundraising Goals

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Help us meet our goal of $1000 by 7/30

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Help us meet our goal of $10,000 by 12/31

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2019 Budget Goal, Revenue Sources and Expenses

Budget and expenses based on 2018 reports and projections.

66.49% Funded
$15,750 Raised
273 Supporters

Source of Funds Raised

  • Membership:
  • Donations
  • Fundraisers

Breakdown of Costs

  • Office Space: $20,400
  • Copier Rental $3,100
  • Software: $2,800
  • Utilities: $2,400
  • Internet and Phone: $1,740