Tom Palzewicz for WI-05 Congressional District

Navy veteran and small-business owner Tom Palzewicz is taking on career politician Scott Fitzgerald to bring bipartisanship and a focus on equality back to the Fifth Congressional District. A hunter and former NRA member (back when the group actually focused on firearms training and safety, not extremist 2nd amendment values), he now holds his own against the NRA, unfair insurance companies, environmental polluters and corrupt politicians who have neglected our state’s roads and other critical infrastructure.

Palzewicz started college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but left after two years for a six-year hitch in the Navy, where he served as an electrician on a nuclear submarine. When he got out he finished his college education at the UW-Milwaukee, graduating with an accounting degree.

He spent the next 15 years in the banking business, the last five of them as treasurer of the mortgage subsidiary of U.S. Bank. During that time, he saw the impending tumble of the mortgage business that helped trigger the 2008 Great Recession. He and his colleagues were cautious in their lending practices, making less money in the short term, he says, but also avoiding the kind of risky practices that brought down some much larger financial institutions.

In 2004, Palzewicz switched careers to become an executive coach, helping business owners, CEOs and others “overcome some personal challenges and figure out how to get focused and stay positive and get the things done they want to get done,”. Using personality profiles, and other tools and techniques, his goal is to understand “what drives people, what motivates people,” and then help them use those traits to live and work more effectively.

In 2018, knowing “nothing about how to run a campaign,” Palzewicz says, he relished the experience of meeting impassioned activists throughout the district. “You hear all sorts of stories about how horrible it is to get into a campaign. Well it was wonderful.”

It has bolstered his name recognition and laid the groundwork for the 2020 run, unencumbered by an incumbent.

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