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Helping flip republican seats in neighboring counties and states since 2018

  • 2018 MAP Summit

    The Midwest Alliance of Progressives is an initiative of the Democratic Party of Evanston designed to identify, elect, and re-elect local, state, and national progressives in the Midwest through coordinated partnerships with other local Democratic parties in the region. Modeled after the mutual aid partnerships that exist between municipalities in times of crisis, MAP is a strategic network intended to share and deploy volunteers and resources to close winnable races throughout the Midwest.

    MAP collaborates with other local democratic parties in the Midwest and with political organizations that are dedicated to maintaining our majority in the House, winning the majority in the Senate and taking our country back by electing a democratic President. We share resources, best practices and active volunteers.

    The following local democratic parties were active in establishing MAP:

  • WHY NOW?
  • For the last several years, Democrats have been losing ground in Midwestern states. Winning back the Midwest at both the State and Federal levels is essential to getting progressive values enacted into law and winning back the Presidency. Coordination between local Democratic parties to support Democratic candidates is what is going to turn the Midwest blue again.

  • To help the DPOE and other Democratic parties in our region you can:

    • Give – Support our efforts here
    • Share – Spread the word; tell your friends; post on your social media accounts; appeal to your networks. MAP was launched so that we can collaborate with like minded people and local democratic parties in order to elect progressive democrats at the state and federal level.
    • Act – Stay up-to-date on our events, join our newsletter, sign up to volunteer in swing states or phonebank. Find a way to be engaged with our MAP efforts.
  • Charter Adopted May 5, 2018

    The Midwest Alliance of Progressives (MAP) is a collaborative group made up of local Democratic parties that are working together to elect Democrats to federal and state offices in targeted states and communities. MAP will do this through sharing volunteer and capacity-building resources, and with the support of Democratic local parties participating in a strategic and meaningful way. MAP has originated as a project of the Democratic Party of Evanston IL (DPOE).  Other local Democratic parties that reside in blue districts and wish to help fight targeted races are also eligible to join MAP, as are the local parties in areas with political races targeted by MAP for action/assistance.

    MAP will be governed through a Steering Committee. Recognizing that the impetus for the formation of MAP has come from the DPOE, more than one member of the Steering Committee positions will be filled by members of the DPOE.  It was decided that each participating state should have a representative on the Steering Committee.

    The appointed Steering Committee is charged with developing operating procedures and leadership positions suitable to its purposes. Other members of local democratic parties will be able to participate in all conference calls and serve on all committees. 

    This charter statement launched in 2018 will govern MAP in 2020 and will be revisited after the 2020 general election.

    In 2018, MAP adopted three congressional candidates- Sean Casten of Illinois, Randy Bryce of Wisconsin and Matt Longjohn of Michigan and we took back the House. In 2020, the Midwest has the winning team of candidates to flip more seats from red to blue. Please get involved and help us grow so that we can support these fantastic progressives candidates and ensure that our democratic presidential candidate takes back our country.

    Message from Barb Cornew

    MAP Program Project Leader

    With less than a year to go until the 2020 elections, if we want to defeat Donald Trump, dump Mitch McConnell and hold the house, we must get to work flipping seats throughout the midwest. This year we will be active in Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin and in our own backyard here in Illinois. With over 140 phone banks planned from spring thru November, we need to focus on increasing our ranks of activists. We are in the process of recruiting volunteers who are willing to donate 2-3 hours a week to make phone calls, canvas or help fundraise to cover the costs of sending buses filled with canvassers to our neighboring states. MAP is extremely proud of the impact we made in our first election cycle of 2018 and we plan to double our efforts this year. Please join MAP and help us in reclaiming America’s progressive roots.

    Message from Berrien County Democrats

    MAP/Berrien County Info

    Berrien County is purple! With a little help, we can make it Blue!

    Obama won Berrien County outright in 2008 with 40,000 votes, even though we haven’t sent a Democrat to Lansing since 1964 or US Congress since the 1930’s. Berrien County Democratic Party (BCDP) is committed to retiring the “good ol’ boys club” (especially Fred Upton—Congressman here for 32 years).

    The Berrien County Democratic Party (BCDP) has grown significantly in the past few years. We have had a permanent office in Saint Joseph, MI since 2016 with pop-up satellite offices during election years. We have seen a growing population of progressives in the county. Harbor Country is the adopted home of many Illinoisans, most of whom are deeply progressive. The changing demographics of Berrien County—retirees from Chicagoland and young professionals – make it inevitable that Berrien will flip blue and it needs to be NOW!

    We are committed to a fair, balanced, transparent political life for our community. With Kalamazoo city and county (the largest in MI 06) now thoroughly blue, Berrien is ready to swing the whole district.

    In 2018 the 6th District Democratic candidate came within 4.5% of Fred Upton. And Upton lost in his own hometown of St. Joseph, thanks to hard working local Democrats and the assistance of the DPOE and MAP. Michigan also elected Democrats to the Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General offices. The BCDP is now assisted by 2 permanent, fulltime staff funded by the Michigan Democratic Party.   This allows the BCDP to recruit candidates at all levels on the ballot. In 2020, we need to focus on retaining Senator Gary Peters in the US Senate, retiring Fred Upton, electing local democrats to offices in Lansing, along with denying victory to Donald Trump.

    The 2020 election is of incredible importance nationally. Berrien deserves the strongest possible push now, with the assistance of the DPOE/MAP, to retire Upton and replace him with a bright, young, progressive US Congressperson.

    Contact Chair Amy Scrima for more information at berriendems@gmail.com.

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