Climate Action Team

Chair: Bob Heuer

With 35 consecutive years of membership in Arbor Day Association’s “Tree City USA”, its not a secret Evanston takes pride in protecting the environment. The Climate Action Team was launched out of our Big Ideas Event in 2017. It is dedicated to raising awareness around the environmental issues of our time and encouraging immediate environmental action on the local level.

Community Service Day

Student Climate Strike

What is Happening with the Climate Action Team?

You’re invited to join the Team’s efforts to put progressive politics into action by promoting collaboration between Evanston Township school and environmental communities on implementation of city of Evanston’s Climate Action and Resilience Plan (CARP).

See calendar for upcoming events.

Our action plan took root last April during DPOE’s 1st annual Community Service Day collaboration with ETHS students. (See photos on left.) Under the expert supervision of TreeKeepers, we did landscaping work on two blocks in the immediate vicinity of DPOE’s new office at Church and Darrow. The city’s CARP encourages tree plantings. But young parkway trees need mulch rings around their base so they can grow and thrive.  Eventually, they will become mature trees whose many contributions include absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.  Our takeaway from that Saturday morning project is that climate solutions will require neighborhood-level actions. We can advance the DPOE mission by encouraging youth engagement in efforts to support CARP.

Read our Position Statement to Build a Climate Smart America

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