Since the 1970s, the DPOE has been organizing Evanstonians to get Democratic candidates elected. We get out the vote for every race from municipal offices all the way up to the United States Presidency. We knock on doors right here in Evanston and all over the Midwest, and we regularly reach out to voters all over the country for races at every level through our daily phonebanks. Through the hard work of our members and volunteers, we get Democrats elected.

Our Mission

The Democratic Party of Evanston is accountable to Democrats residing within the attendance areas of School Districts 65 and 202. Our purpose is to amplify the voices of those Democrats; elect progressive Democrats to local, state, and federal offices; and to promote progressive ideals and elected officials.

Who are we?

DPOE is made up of dues-paying members and volunteers. The organization is governed by a set of bylaws, an elected committeeman, a board of directors, and our membership. The committeeman and board of directors, being responsible to the membership, oversees the activities and programs of the organization.

Our Accomplishments

  • In response to the 2016 election, the Democratic Party of Evanston launched MAP. The Midwest Alliance of Progressives is a coordinated partnership with other local Democratic parties in the region designed to identify, elect, and re-elect local, state, and national progressives in the Midwest.
  • In 2018, Evanston lead write-in ballots for Cam Davis far exceeding the minimum of 8,075 was needed to get nominated and placed on the November ballot, receiving a total of 54,183
  • Evanston Democrats led a county effort to successfully remove Cook County Circuit Judge Coghlan from the bench, deem unqualified by the Chicago Council of Lawyers
  • Held 85 Phone banks totaling 1,375 hours of calls
  • Knocked on doors in 3 states at over 1,000 households
  • Helped Sean Casten flip IL-6
  • Helped Lauren Underwood flip IL-14
  • Co-hosted gun violence symposium at ETHS with Parkland survivors
  • Held Immigration forum with Jan Schakowsky, Jen Gong Gershowitz and Kwame Raoul




Committeeman: Eamon Kelly
Deputy Committeeman: Karen McCormick


Communications Committee: Neal Weingarden
Finance and Development Committee: Betsy Soete
Issues CommitteeAl Hofeld, Jr.
Membership CommitteeAmy Wilkinson
Nominations Committee: Givonna St.Clair Long
Political CommitteeGreg Andrus and Jim Hansen
Data and Tech Committee: Jane Neumann


President: Michelle Jordan
Vice President: Givonna Long
Secretary: Sue Calder
Treasurer: Dan Jordan


Greg Andrus, co-chair, Political Committee
Barb Cornew, chair, Midwest Alliance of Progressives
Ginny Darakjian
Cameron Davis
Terri Dubin
Jim Hansen, co-chair, Political Committee
Al Hofeld, Jr., chair, Issues Committee
Tina Hristova
Givonna St.Clair Long, chair, Nominations Committee
Maggie Martinez
Jane Neumann
Rachel Ruttenberg
Betsy Soete, chair, Finance & Development Committee
Christian Sorenson
Amy Wilkinson, chair, Membership Committee