Since the 1970s, the Democratic Party of Evanston has been organizing Evanstonians to get Democratic candidates elected. We get out the vote for every race from municipal offices all the way up to the United States Presidency. We knock on doors right here in Evanston and all over the Midwest, and we regularly reach out to voters all over the country for races at every level through our daily phonebanks. Through the hard work of our members and volunteers, we get Democrats elected.


Our Mission

The Democratic Party of Evanston is accountable to Democrats residing within the attendance areas of School Districts 65 and 202. Our purpose is to amplify the voices of those Democrats; elect progressive Democrats to local, state, and federal offices; and to promote progressive ideals and elected officials.

Who are we?

DPOE is made up of dues-paying members and volunteers. The organization is governed by a set of bylaws, an elected committeeman, a board of directors, and our membership. The committeeman and board of directors, being responsible to the membership, oversees the activities and programs of the organization.




Committeeman: Eamon Kelly
Deputy Committeeman: Karen McCormick


Communications Committee: Neal Weingarden

Finance and Development Committee: Betsy Soete

Issues Committee: Al Hofeld, Jr. & Sue Calder

Membership Committee:  Christian Sorensen

Nominations Committee: Rachel Ruttenberg

Political Committee: Greg Andrus

Data and Tech Committee: Jane Neumann


President: Rachel O’Konis Ruttenberg
Vice President: Greg Andrus
Secretary: TBD
Treasurer: Dan Jordan


Tricia Hermes
Clare Kelly
Stephanie Mendoza
Larry Murphy
Darlene Murray-Cannon
Doug Nickels
Christian Sorensen
Greg Andrus
Barb Cornew
Betsy Soete
Dereka Ross
Junitha Shambee
Sue Calder
Dan Jordan
Eamon Kelly
Karen McCormick


Our committees are the backbone of what we do. No matter what your skill set, interest or availability, we have a spot for you. Check our calendar and Facebook page for meeting dates and feel free to reach out to committee leaders with your ideas, questions and suggestions. We’d love to have you join us!

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for informing members of issues and events happening around Evanston while amplifying our progressive message across the Midwest and the nation. We maintain social media accounts, manage the website, produce any required artwork, handle video production and write the newsletters. Communication is key to any political group. Our ability to organize is our power.

Chair: Neal Weingarden Email: info@EvanstonDems.com

Political Committee

The Political Committee plans and executes all of the DPOE’s political action. Making calls, knocking on doors, collecting signatures, registering voters- we do it all. Join us to learn about how we help Democrats win elections locally and across the Midwest

Chairs: Greg Andrus Contact: info@EvanstonDems.com

Signup for Pol-Com Newsletter Here

Membership Committee

Our committee works to build a thriving, active member base of committed Evanston Democratic residents who will help inform and guide the next evolution of the Democratic party.

Chairs: Terri Dubin, Christian Sorensen

Email: info@EvanstonDems.com

Issues Committee

The Issues Committee plans educational events about progressive policies and crafts DPOE positions on current issues.

Co-chairs: Al Hofeld Jr & Suzanne Calder

Email: info@EvanstonDems.com

Finance and Development Committee

The Finance and Development Committee raises funds to power the DPOE’s political work, including the Midwest Alliance of Progressives

Chair: Betsy Soete

Email: info@EvanstonDems.com

Data and Technology Committee

Chair: Jane Neumann

Email: info@EvanstonDems.com

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee recruits new members for Board of Directors and Committee positions.

Chair: Rachel Ruttenberg

Email: info@EvanstonDems.com

Climate Action Team

With 35 consecutive years of membership in Arbor Day Association’s “Tree City USA”, its not a secret Evanston takes pride in protecting the environment. The Climate Action Team was launched out of our Big Ideas Event in 2017. It is dedicated to raising awareness around the environmental issues of our time and encouraging immediate environmental action on the local level.

Chair: Bob Heuer

Email: info@EvanstonDems.com


2018 was a fantastic year for the DPOE, Democrats in Illinois and across the nation, We got rid of Bruce Rauner and elected Democrats up and down the ticket. In 2019 we broke in the new office with a slew of activities including training sessions, phone banks, movie nights, debate watch parties, canvasses and student led events. We launched the Schakowsky Campaign Organizer School, hosted our Big Tent Event, and held our second Student Led Forum about hate speech.

Our goal for 2020 is to do as much work as possible so that Democrats win up and down the ticket across the Midwest. We are so grateful for your support, which powers our work. Thank you!

Join today, renew your membership or make a donation to fuel our work.

As with many volunteer run non-for-profits our funding is a constantly moving target. Please contact the Finance and Development Committee or Communications Committee if you have any questions.

2020 Online Fundraising Goals

ActBlue reported amounts are from online donations only

Goal Thermometer
Goal Thermometer

2020 Budget Goal, Revenue Sources and Expenses

Budget and expenses based on 2019 reports and projections.

Source of Funds Raised

  • Membership:
  • Donations
  • Fundraisers

Breakdown of Costs

  • Office Space: $20,400
  • Copier Rental $3,100
  • Software: $2,800
  • Utilities: $2,400
  • Internet and Phone: $1,740