Yesterday, during our endorsement interview with Carolyn Murray, candidate for 5th ward alderwoman, an intruder entered our Zoom event and threatened racial violence, using heinous language both in the chat and audio and identifying themselves as a Trump supporter. As we have been able to get more details about the racist attack, we have learned that some of the participants at the event were also targeted directly through private messages with racist and specifically anti-Black hate speech – in addition to Carolyn. 

We are outraged that this occurred. We provided the recording of the event to police, and we will be contacting our local officials to encourage that the incident be investigated and prosecuted.

We acknowledge the personal and collective trauma that an incident like this causes for all people of color, and the harm it caused Carolyn and the people targeted. After last week’s white supremacist insurrection at the capitol, we are hurting and exhausted.

We apologize for not shutting the event down immediately. No one should feel unsafe at our events and no one should feel unsafe in participating in the political process – ever. We will not tolerate white supremacy, anti-Blackness, or racial violence in all of its forms in any space where we operate.

We are working to improve our processes and technology set ups to better protect everyone. We are talking with community members about how we can support healing from attacks like these. We will also work together to learn about anti-racism and be trained on how our actions, inactions, and conduct as your local Democratic party impact our communities of color. We must center anti-racism and racial justice in the Democratic Party.

After consulting with candidates, we are planning to move forward with the endorsement interviews for those scheduled this week in a way that they are comfortable. Please reach out to us if you have additional thoughts or suggestions.