2021 Evanston Elections

D65 - D202 - Mayor - City Clerk - City Council

About this time last year we were packed into Evanston’s Unitarian Church to listen to candidates gave us their final pitch in an attempt to receive the endorsement.

Now it is time for us to do it again. This time instead of hearing from candidates for Federal and State Offices, we are hearing from candidates for Mayor, our school boards, city clerk and local aldermanic positions. While we won’t be cramming together anytime soon, we can still make our voices safely heard, at home with an online vote. Delivering accountable results that not even Sidney Powell’s kraken could reverse.

Below you will find a list of candidates that are running for office. Please check back frequently as we add more information.

Official List from City Clerk’s Office can be found here

You must be a member to participate in our endorsement session. Click here to become a member.

Members will receive their ballot electronically January 17th 8:00 AM and may submit them until poll closing January 23rd 8pm.  CONTACT US if you would like to request a paper ballot


Candidate Endorsement threshold is 2/3rd participating membership vote, with undervotes excluded from the denominator.

All raw results will be posted, but bylaws require a 2/3rds majority affirmative vote for endorsement. You will have the opportunity to vote in every eligible office within the membership boundary of the DPOE, so please learn as much as you can about every candidate!

City Clerk Candidate

Eduardo Gomez

1st Ward

Judy Fiske

5th Ward

Rebeca Mendoza

Tina Foster

6th Ward

Thomas M. Suffredin

Katie Trippi

District 65 School Board

Ndona Muboyayi

Marquise Weatherspoon

Angela Blaising

Katie Magrino Voorhees