Rachel Ruttenberg is the new President of the Board of the Democratic Party of Evanston, having only joined DPOE a couple of years ago. She lives in Evanston with her husband, Daymon, and their two daughters, ages 4 and 2. Rachel grew up in Buffalo Grove and went on to the University of Wisconsin where she majored in Journalism. While there, she participated in weekly anti-war protests against George W Bush. She went on to Northwestern and earned her Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications. Oh, and she also has a law degree. Rachel has worked as a staffer in the Illinois House, led a legal aid non-profit that led child welfare reform, and is currently with Heartland Alliance, where she says she gets to “work on anti-poverty policy through a human-rights lens.” The most important issue to Rachel is systemic racism and “moving the needle on that and other social issues.” When asked what’s the first thing she will do when Trump is voted out of office, she says “cry with relief but then get right to work.”

We’re so glad to have you Rachel, and we look forward to working with you.

Meet Greg Andrus – the newly elected Vice President of the Board of the Democratic Party of Evanston. Greg has been an Evanstonian for 10 years, last year he and his wife bought a new home. Greg graduated Northwestern University with a degree in Film and a minor in Political Science. His political activism began in 2016 when he got involved with the Bernie Sanders’ campaign.  Then just after the presidential election, he joined DPOE’s Political Committee, eventually stepping up as co-chair. The three most important issues to Greg are healthcare/medicare single payer- he says, “everyone should be covered, no one should die of lack of healthcare”; election security – “people need to know that their voice counts”; and climate change – “It’s not the earth that will end, it’s going to be people.” When asked what’s the first thing he will do when Trump is voted out of office, he says “celebrate, then get focused on local issue.”

We’re lucky to have you Greg!