From: Committeeman Eamon Kelly,

Early voting began today at the Evanston Civic Center.

Attached is my sample ballot with recommendations for important down ballot races, including judges.

I have included the Democratic Party of Evanston’s endorsements, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s top picks and my own recommendations for other offices and judges.

Please make sure to vote for Evanston’s own Cam Davis for Water Reclamation District (#125) and for his slate-mates Kim (#126) and Eira (#127).

For Supreme Court—Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky strongly recommends  Nathaniel House (#168).  Two other options are young lawyer Daniel Epstein (#167)-an Evanstonian that got the most votes at the DPOE endorsement session (but not enough to receive the endorsement)-and appointed incumbent P. Scott Neville (#162).

Please vote for all the recommended and qualified judges for the appellate, countywide and sub circuit —now more than ever we need a diverse highly qualified bench.  (I love Irish names as much as the next Kelly but we need a more diverse, more qualified bench.)

Lastly, please vote Yes on Evanston’s non-partisan municipal elections referendum, which was endorsed by the Democratic Party of Evanston.

Download the PDF here