2020 Democratic Primary Endorsement Session

February 9th 4pm at 1330 Ridge Avenue 60201

Join us for your first opportunity to vote in 2020! Hear from candidates (or their surrogates) about why they deserve your vote in the upcoming primary on March 17 and meet other Evanstonians who want to make a difference in 2020.

We will be holding endorsement votes for the offices below.

We are encouraging members to participate in our trial run of ranked choice vote for the presidential endorsement. Only the first rank on the presidential ballot will be counted towards our official endorsement tally. The additional rankings will be used as data for our presentation to adopt ranked choice voting for 2021.

You must be a member to participate in our endorsement session. Click here to become a member.

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Ranked Choice Vote Information

Ranked Choice Ballot Example

Watch Our Ranked Choice Demo

More information about ranked choice voting can be found at https://www.fairvote.org/rcv#rcv_faq

Current Illinois Supreme Court 1st District Candidates

Cook County State's Attorney

Cook County Circuit Clerk Court

Evanston Ballot Referendums