Jon Hoadley, State Representative for Michigan’s 60th House District, recently traveled to Evanston with his team to meet with DPOE’s Midwest Alliance of Progressive members to ask for our involvement in his 2020 campaign. Jon is about to challenge four term Republican Congressman Fred Upton to represent Michigan’s 6th district.

In 2018, Midwest Alliance of Progressives helped change the political landscape of MI-6th, where Republican Congressman Upton normally wins by 30,000+ votes into a narrow victory, barely defeating his Democratic challenger. In 2020, State Rep Hoadley feels his focus on prescription drug costs, global threats to manufacturing, agriculture, and the environment aligns with the issues important to his constituents as well as with the members of DPOE. With this messaging and DPOE’s backroom support, State Rep. Hoadley feels confident that Upton’s seat is flippable.

To learn more about or to support his campaign, please visit