Greetings DPOE and friends.

Today with great solemnity the House of Representatives passed the rules that will be used for the Impeachment of the President of the United States.

If you, like me, are not a constitutional expert you may want to know what we have in store.
Join DPOE December 1st as we brunch and talk with Northwestern University Constitutional Law Professor Andrew Koppelman. Who will help us sort thru the onslaught of news and disinformation campaigns that will be surrounding the impeachment proceedings.
This has all happened very quickly – and now is the time to arm yourself with information to make sense of it all. With Thursday’s Halloween vote behind them, party leaders are aiming to conclude public fact-finding hearings in the Intelligence Committee by Thanksgiving. This means a possible House vote on impeachment before Christmas.
Impeach Donald Trump
Bring your family members to learn more, enjoy conversation with your fellow progressives, eat a tasty brunch (and perhaps get some holiday shopping done afterwards).
We are all in this, together.

-Michelle Jordan